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Quote from Attorney Tricia A. Nell, "Tricia Nell Law Office, S.C. (hereinafter, "TNLO") has a new location but a familiar face is joining, or shall I say...rejoining to conduct excellent legal service with a quality standard "we" are used to producing for OUR clients..."

TNLO has reunited with one of the best skilled and qualified paralegals, Anita L. Altman, who Attorney Nell worked side by side for over a DECADE with at Nell & Associates, S.C., serving business, employment and healthcare litigation clients, as well as, servicing personal injury and criminal clients. Techie Guru and Virtual Wizard, Gina Christensen, is our Business and Technology Expert designing our system to be automated, client accessible, and high tech at small firm costs.  Together this team has and will continue to work, day and night, if necessary to aid in your legal matter. By securing Attorney Tricia Nell on your side, you have a name you know and trust, a paralegal that is there for you, as well as, providing you with the lastest technology. TNLO gets the job done so you can sleep at night.

Our goal at TNLO is to bring our clients JUSTICE and treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve when in need of legal counsel. At TNLO, we show each client compassion about their individual case, regardless of the circumstances that bought them to us.

Additionally, we can give our clients the piece of mind to be confident that their case will be handled aggressively by an attorney who has been practicing 17 years and who is known by both Judges and Attorneys for her knowledgeable experience and hard work. At Tricia Nell Law Office, S.C.~Where Justice Still Prevails~