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Tricia Nell Videos

Business Startups

Attorney Nell discusses many aspects of the business startup that some entrepreneurs don't think of.

Being a Technology Lawyer

Attorney Nell discusses law in the modern world. She likes to call it being a "technology lawyer"!


Attorney Tricia Nell discusses entrepreneurial-ism and how she can help small business owners!

Personal Injury

Attorney Tricia A. Nell speaks from the heart regarding personal injury.

Attorney Tricia Nell Co-Hosts Elliot Christenson on Political Radar

Published on Nov 18, 2016 Phil Jennerjahn joins Elliot and Special Guest Host Tricia Nell on this episode of Political Radar for a Republican takeover. They discuss Donald Trump's victory and possible reasons for the outcome. ABOUT ATTORNEY TRICIA A. NELL, TRICIA NELL LAW OFFICE, S.C. http://www.tricia@tricianell.com With sixteen years (16) years of diverse litigation experience, as both a criminal and civil attorney, in October 2012, Attorney Tricia A. Nell decided to utilize her extensive knowledge and skills to form her own law firm, Tricia Nell Law Office, S.C.