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Tricia Nell Videos

Attorney Tricia Nell Co-Hosts Elliot Christenson on Political Radar

Published on Nov 18, 2016 Phil Jennerjahn joins Elliot and Special Guest Host Tricia Nell on this episode of Political Radar for a Republican takeover. They discuss Donald Trump's victory and possible reasons for the outcome. ABOUT ATTORNEY TRICIA A. NELL, TRICIA NELL LAW OFFICE, S.C. http://www.tricia@tricianell.com With sixteen years (16) years of diverse litigation experience, as both a criminal and civil attorney, in October 2012, Attorney Tricia A. Nell decided to utilize her extensive knowledge and skills to form her own law firm, Tricia Nell Law Office, S.C.

Business Startups

Attorney Nell discusses many aspects of the business startup that some entrepreneurs don't think of.

Being a Technology Lawyer

Attorney Nell discusses law in the modern world. She likes to call it being a "technology lawyer"!


Attorney Tricia Nell discusses entrepreneurial-ism and how she can help small business owners!

Personal Injury

Attorney Tricia A. Nell speaks from the heart regarding personal injury.